Honda CR-V Will Continue to Rule the Welterweight Ring

CR-V Will Continue to Rule the Welterweight Ring
In this New York Times review of the CR-V, it begins by stating the CR-V has been the best-selling car-base compact utility vehicle the last five of six (and probably would have been again if it weren’t for major natural disasters that disrupted production and distribution). And based on the reviewer findings, we can’t help but conclude the CR-V will regain its perch on top despite increasing competition from Ford and Nissan.
Instead of following the popular trend of creating a bigger, heavier, bulkier car, the 2012 CR-V took a “carefully graduated step forward rather than a shoot-for-the-moon upgrade.” The 2012 CR-V is an inch shorter, an inch lower and 50 pounds lighter; its design also makes it sleeker and more aerodynamic giving it one of the best gas mileages for this class at 23 miles per gallon in the city and 31 miles per gallon on the highway.
Despite being slightly smaller, the reviewer finds that the designers of the 2012 CR-V made it roomier and seem bigger than previous models.
“People love the CR-V and they are going to love the 2012 CR-V even more,” said John Clough, Sales Manager at Northwest Honda dealership. “In addition to the roomier design, the seatbacks don’t have to be manually folded; one pull of a lever will automatically pull up the seat cushions and fold down the back seats to give you great cargo space.”
While the reviewer states that the interior looks more luxurious than it feels and actually is, we think that it is a great trade off that keeps the CR-V affordable, ranging from about $23,000 to $31,000. All of these features make it great for families and consumers.
“The CR-V is safe, sleek and easy on your budget,” Clough said. “If you are in the market for compact utility vehicle, you should really head to Northwest Honda, Sims Honda or Apple Valley Honda to test drive the CR-V. You won’t be disappointed.”
If the new CR-V is a little out of your price range, don’t forget that Northwest Honda, Sims Honda and Apple Valley Honda have new, quality pre-owned vehicles and certified used vehicles, including the CR-V.



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