Honda is using your smartphone to keep you safe from a collision with a car. Or at least Hondas.

And it’s all based on that ubiquitous technology: smartphones. Honda is using the smart phones of pedestrians to alert Honda drivers (Vehicle to Pedestrian) of their whereabouts even if they are hidden behind another vehicle, etc.

According to this article, “Honda’s V2P tech is based on Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC)technology, which can detect pedestrians with a DSRC-enabled smartphone. Combining data from the smartphone’s GPS and wireless technology between phone and car, the system can detect whether a pedestrian is at risk of being struck by a car. Taking the pedestrian’s speed, direction and position into consideration, the system sends both an audio and a visual signal to both pedestrian and driver, alerting them to the situation.”

The same technology is being used to notify drivers of hard-to-see motorcycles with V2M (Vehicle to Motorcycle) technology.

“While these are still experimental technologies,” said Jim Keller, chief engineer for Honda R&D Americas, Inc, “they provide a strong indication of the future potential for the kinds of advanced collision sensing and predictive technologies Honda is developing to further reduce the potential for serious accidents, injuries and even fatalities.”

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