A couple weeks ago we wrote about Honda’s effort to save the drive-in theaters around the country. One of the ways Honda is doing that is letting people vote on which theaters Honda will donate a new digital projector to.

One of those receiving  a new digital projector…and new life…is the Saco Drive-In in Sacrament, Calif.

“It’s important to help preserve this American icon, and we’re excited to see the benefits of digital projection at Saco Drive-In and their local community,” said Alicia Jones, Manager of Honda Social Media at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “We’re continuing to spread the word about this movement and are proud to support these small businesses where families can share the cinema experience together under the stars.”

According to this press release: “With the end of 35-mm film distribution this year, and the costly switch to digital projection nearing, Honda created Project Drive-In as a national effort to save as many of America’s remaining drive-ins as possible. Through Project Drive-In awareness is being raised across the country, offering communities simple ways to get involved and helping this historic part of American cinema and car culture live on.”

Find out more about Honda’s Project Drive-In and vote for the next four theaters to received their new digital projectors!
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