In this article, there are reports that Honda is considering creating a better alternative to the Scion FR-S. One that will be an even lighter, more affordable real-wheel drive sports car.

How affordable? Rumors are it would start around $20,000, which is $5,000 cheaper than the Scion FR-S.

According to the article, “GTChannel sources said the engine of the proposed car would be capable of producing 132 horsepower, which would be dramatic in a sports car as light as the new S2000. The suggested price tag of $20,000 would cement Honda’s reputation as the Best Value Brand, a distinction it earned from Kelley Blue Book earlier this year. It would also have a convertible on the market that Toyota never did for the FR-S, all rumors aside.”

What do you think? If Honda were to create a small, affordable sports car, what would you want it to have?

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