Honda CR-V is “Organized and Comfortable”

The Honda CR-V has long been the compact crossover on top, in the words of this glowing review, a “pint-sized colossus.” The new Honda CR-V is sure to  keep the CR-V on top despite some tough competition. Critics and consumers alike love the new Honda CR-V.

Everything in the new Honda CR-V is better: style, technology, drivability, and overall function.

“The Honda CR-V has been a favorite for good reason,” said Keith Hofkamp, general manager at Sims Honda dealership in Burlington. “But good just got even better with the new CR-V. The i-MID infotainment system is really easy to use, it’s got even more storage without feeling like you’re driving a really big SUV, and it’s just a very intuitive and easy to drive vehicle.”

According to the article, “The new CR-V is more efficient than its predecessor and no less responsiveness or engaging. However, it’s now quieter and more serene underway. New high-capacity shock absorbers contribute to a more sophisticated driving feel.

The CR-V cabin is short on flash but long on practicality. Even when packed with the latest cabin tech, the controls remain intuitive and easy to use, with minimal reliance on a distracting touch screen.”

And the price point of new CR-V doesn’t hurt either, with a base price of just over $21,700!

Stop by Sims Honda, Northwest Honda, or Apple Valley Honda today to take the new Honda CR-V for a test drive!

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