Honda CR-V Picked Most Reliable SUV in United Kingdom

We know that the United Kingdom is across the pond (and over the river and through the woods), but we love to brag on our Hondas no matter where they are.

The annual “Which?” survey in the UK named the Honda CR-V 2.2 i-VTech as the most reliable 4×4/SUV for up to three years “with zero reported breakdowns, average annual repair costs of just £10 and an overall reliability score of 98.5% over a twelve month period. Furthermore the CR-V shone through with 0.14 faults reported, compared to 0.88 for the worst performing in its category; and 0.11 days off the road, with the worst performing recording an average 1.09 days.”

Those are pretty impressive results and certainly wouldn’t be much different from a Honda CR-V you can buy from Apple Valley Honda, Northwest Honda, or Sims Honda dealerships.

“Hondas have a reputation for reliability, dependability, and longevity,” said Tony Carter, general manager at Northwest Honda in Bellingham. “This proving especially true with the Honda CR-V. Which is really great because it’s a very popular vehicle with families and no one wants to broken down on the side of the road with their kids in the back seat.”

According to the article, “Adding his comments on the survey, Leon Brannan, Head of Cars for Honda (UK) said, “It’s fantastic to see Honda’s excellent reputation for reliability recognised yet again, particularly from a name as respected and trusted as Which?. It’s also really useful to get feedback from customers living with their Hondas day in, day out, as this gives us insight which we can use to continually maintain our high levels of service.”

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