Honda Accord Unseats Toyota Prius as King of California

2014-Honda-Accord-Hybrid-MPGThe Toyota Prius has long been the best-selling vehicle in California, claimed so because so many Californians want to be environmentally friendly.

Well, they finally realized that the Honda Accord is really the best car as has bested the Toyota Prius to become the best-selling car in California.

According to this article, “…even Californians’ appetite for the Prius has its limits.”

And the Honda Accord is taking over with its award winning design, technology, and gas mileage. It also includes several model-types like the Plug-in and the Hybrid, which gets even better gas mileage than the Prius (comes in handy when waiting in that Californian…or any…traffic).

“People see Californians the first-adopters,” said Bobby Maynard, general manager at Sims Honda dealership. “They very often are the first to be offered and accept newer technologies. They know a better thing when they see it and the Honda Accord has become the better vehicle.”

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