SAE World Congress to Introduce Tech Hub at 2015 Event

sims honda faviconHonda will serve as the host company for the SAE International 2015 World Congress & Exhibition in Detroit, Michigan, April 21-23, 2015. Erik Berkman, executive vice president of Honda North America and general chairman of this year’s World Congress, will share a series of blog posts leading up to the event.

Technology plays an integral role in what makes the SAE International 2015 World Congress & Exhibition such a compelling event for attendees. And this year’s event will incorporate a brand new asset with a techy sounding name – the Tech Hub. But what will make the Tech Hub a special forum on the main Exhibit floor is its emphasis on people. The real focus of the Tech Hub will be to provide the opportunity for engineers to exchange knowledge and experiences as we all gather from across the globe to explore the true power of mobility.

As host company of this year’s World Congress, Honda is excited to offer new opportunities for attendees to collaborate and engage. With the theme of “Influences of Future Design,” the Tech Hub is designed to provide brief, impactful exposure to truly innovative ideas and concepts, all geared toward examining the influences to future designs.

The Tech Hub also will be home to the SAE TechTalks. Hosted daily, SAE TechTalks will incorporate short, informational presentations meant to give an overview on conceptual technologies. Within each presentation, featured experts from electronics, aerospace, motorsports and other industries will address innovations and technology advancements, all designed to challenge the mobility industry with concepts that look to be transferable, thought provoking or even disruptive.

The TechHub and SAE TechTalks are just a few of the new elements we plan to incorporate into this year’s event as we strive to continue to increase the value of the Congress for all attendees. For more information, or to view the session schedule for the Tech Hub, visit the Technical & Management Program Sessions page on the SAE International 2015 World Congress & Exhibition website.

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