Cuddly Animals Abuse Diesel Engines in Honda’s Commercial of the Decade

Cuddly Animals Abuse Diesel Engines in Honda’s Commercial of the Decade

Did you know that Honda won the commercial of the decade award in 2009? Most people don’t. The commercial wasn’t one I had ever seen before, but I’m happy I did see it because it made me giggle uncontrollably most of the evening. It’s an advertisement called “Grrr” and it is a psychedelic trip with penguins abusing loud diesel engines with hammers while being narrated by a happy little ditty about hate. It colorfully explains how hate can create beautiful change and make a quieter diesel engine. Makes sense, right?

Adweek declared that the “Grrr” Honda commercial was the best of the last decade, and it seems about right. Honda beat out advertising juggernauts Nike, Budweiser and Volkswagon. The “Grrr” commercial also beat out another favorite Honda commercial called “Cog,” which “breaks down a European Accord Tourer into a Rube Goldberg-esque machine.” While the Cog commercial was interesting (even more so after finding out it allegedly took 605 tries to get it work!), the “Grrr” commercial is just plain funny because it’s so contradictory and…cute?

Check out some of Northwest Honda’s Commercials made by local film group Darkheart Visions on their youtube channel!

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“Grrrr” commercial:

“Cog” commercial:



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