Honda Shares ‘Upgraded’

At the risk of posting something that’s a little dry, take that risk for something that could be incredibly useful in your portfolio.

Honda Motor Co. (HMC) shares were upgraded to “Outperform” by Stanley Morgan analysts which makes sense considering Honda’s strong performance and the recovery of the automotive industry. Conversely, analysts at Zack’s Investment Research downgraded.

While the article does not give specifics as to why the changes were made, the downgrade seems borderline distasteful if it has anything to do with the natural disasters  last year, including major flooding in Thailand and the horrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan, that affected production and shipping. Undoubtedly, production and systems of a company are considered when it comes to grading stocks, but in Honda’s case, we think Stanley Morgan made the right choice.

What do you think?

Click the link for details on HMC shares.



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