Super Bowl Honda Ad

Honda Does Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Ad?

Yes Please!

Do you love Super Bowl advertisements as much as we do?

Do you love Honda?

Do you love the move ‘Ferris Buller’s Day Off?’(stupid question).

Then you are going to LOVE this: a short preview of Honda’s Super Bowl advertisement has been revealed…See it HERE

Yes, that’s right. Honda is going to do a commercial where Ferris Bueller, played by the original Bueller, Matthew Broderick (eek!), is all grown up and uses Honda vehicles to escape a day of work. Naturally, this is going to cost Honda a pretty penny, but as one who had not even thought about Super Bowl commercials yet, I am genuinely excited to see what the creative minds of Honda and director Todd Phillips (who directed a small movie called The Hangover) have come up with.

Not mention it will be awesome to see what a 50 year old Bueller is like (yes, Broderick is 50 year old) since the rumor on the street is that the commercial will be very close to the original movie. And, of course, Bueller would be driving a Honda.

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