Professor Builds Homemade Electric Honda Civic

Professor Builds Homemade Electric Honda Civic

We think Honda should hire Professor Paul Pancella of Western Michigan University to be one its engineers because his passion for efficiency that led him to convert his old 1992 Honda Civic into an electric car is right in line with Honda’s commitment to efficiency and environmentalism.

Pancella’s creation, which he named ‘Hondatron,’ is a technical accomplishment and practical wonderment.

“What that professor did is amazing,” said Tony Lane, Service Manager at Sims Honda in Burlington. “Honda engines and parts are one of a kind, but I guess taking it all out isn’t so hard. But finding a way to make it completely electric without having any car experience is really cool.

“Maybe he should come work for us,” Lane said with a laugh.

By Pancella’s own admission, the technology he used is not new or groundbreaking. He just had an idea and went with it. And while it doesn’t say it in the article, the Honda Civic was the perfect car for his experiment. The Civic’s compact, light-weight body will allow less energy to make it go further.

“And the Civic parts are meant to last,” added Lane. “We’ve seen Civics with 250,000 miles on them and it’s because of the way the car was built. Whether it’s powered by gas or electricity wouldn’t matter much on the wear and tear of the rest of the body, so that professor made a smart choice by picking the Civic because he shouldn’t have to worry about the rest of the car giving out on him (as long as he does regular maintenance) now that he has a new electric engine.”

While a fully electric Honda vehicle isn’t off the production lines yet, Honda has a great line of hybrid vehicles, including Civic and Accord. Stop by Northwest Honda, Sims Honda, or Apple Valley Honda dealerships to get your efficient new, quality pre-owned and/or certified used vehicle today!



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