Honda CRZ Named Wheels Car of the Year!

Honda CRZ Named Wheels Car of the Year!

Congratulations to the Honda CRZ! The Honda CRZ was named picked to be Wheels Car of the Year, which is Australia’s most prestigious automotive award. Want to bring this winner to your driveway? The CRZ is available now at Northwest Honda, Sims Honda and Apple Valley Honda dealerships!

“We love the CRZ,” said Brent Crowder, Sales Manager at Apple Valley Honda dealership in Wenatchee. “Not only does it have a ton of torque, it’s also small and light. This makes it much for fun to drive, as the judges in the article noted.”

Some have noted that 2011 was a tough year for Honda and, in some respects, it certainly was. But with this award added to Honda’s list of other awards that it won for 2011, Honda still seems to be on the top of its game by creating and producing fantastic new models and continuing to be a top seller of certified used/quality pre-owned vehicles.

According to the article, “the secret behind the CRZ’s performance is IMA Boost, providing immediate torque from the electric motor, combined with high end power from the SOHC i-VTEC engine.”

“Winning such a prestigious industry title helps to validate the CRZ’s position as the ultimate sporty vehicle,” said Graeme Meyer, Head of Marketing for Honda NZ.

While it may be a surprise to some people that the Honda CRZ beat out cars like the Volkswagen Scirocco, Audi A6, Ford Focus, Range Rover Evoque and Skoda Yeti, it certainly isn’t to us. Not only does this car look fast and cool, its peak torque performance at 1000rpm and impressive fuel efficiency of 4.7 litres per 100km (Australian talk for lots of torque and good gas mileage to go with that pretty face it has).

Honda CRZ
Honda CRZ Named Wheels Car of the Year!

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