Honda Civic Tourer Concept Makes European Splash

The Honda Civic Tourer Concept car made its debut at the 2013 Geneva Motoshow with swooping lines and a rather aggressive look (for a hatchback). According to this article, the production model of the Honda Civic Tourer is set to debut in Frankfurt in September.

“That means there are sharp, angular elements found up front and a sloping roofline that rakes down at the rear,” according to “Combine that with the large, concept-spec wheels and the funky front lighting elements, and what we have here is a really attractive little wagon – something that will no doubt battle the new Toyota Auris Touring Sports and Volkswagen Golf Variant that are also making their debut here in Switzerland.”

Check out the entire Autoblog article with a video and lots of pictures.

While I quite liked the look of this more masculine hatchback (seems much stronger than the Volkswagen Golf, which I feel like I could drop kick), you may just want to look at the pictures and avoid the official video. The video had me wondering if there was something wrong with the internet connection or computer for the first 20 seconds.

The Honda Civic Tourer will probably only be made available in Europe, which is unfortunate because, despite the success of the update Accord and Civic, I think there would be a sizable market for this Civic Tourer hatchback. A market that wants the dependability and gas mileage of the Civic, but molded into more of a family car (or at least ones that could fit a couple dogs) with more storage.

What do you think? Do you want to see the Honda Civic Tourer in the United States?


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