Honda FCX Clarity Exhaust is Drinkable Water

Most people don’t want to stand behind a running vehicle because they don’t want to inhale the exhaust of the vehicle. We all know that’s not ideal for our bodies.

But would you drink it?

With the Honda FCX Clarity you can. And safely. Because they exhaust of the Honda FCX is water so clean the EPA has deemed it clean enough to drink.

Yes, drink.

So, Honda put that exhaust-water in a bottle and branded it as Honda’s brand of bottled water to illustrate how clean-running and operating the Honda FCX Clarity really is. How is it so clean? Because the FCX Clarity runs hydrogen and oxygen, which combines to make water. Easy science.

Check out this brief article and the short commercial at the bottom showing how it works and how Honda gave some of it’s newly branded bottled water to movie-goers! We can’t wait for the Honda FCX Clarity to hit the market…and to try some of its water!

News Reporter