Thank You to My Honda Accord

2009 accord

This has been a stressful week. Saturday evening I got seriously rearended. This wasn’t your typical fender bender. I was stopped and the kid behind me didn’t even try to stop; he bounced off me and hit a 2010 Honda CR-V head-on that was going the opposit direction. He hit that CR-V so hard it pushed into a parked car on the side of the road. The CR-V was totaled. But driver amazingly walked away.

Compared to the other two cars, my 2009 Honda Accord has little damage. However, this is also the fourth accident in about two years it has been involved in and I can’t thank it, or Honda, enough.

Four times, our Honda Accord has protected me and my family from serious injury. This last accident, the driver who hit me was going around 35 miles per hour into my stopped car at the time of impact. Hard enough to literally knock the shoe off my non-driving foot. But I only have a bit of a sore neck and back. And I know it could’ve been much worse.

So, as I deal with insurance companies for the fourth time, my 2009 Honda Accord prepares to have it’s fourth bumper put on. I know we could never re-sell it for hardly anything, but at this point, we wouldn’t want to. Time and time…and time and time again, our Accord has taken the brunt of other people’s bad choices (as it was designed to do) while we walked away with inconvient phone calls to make and stiff necks.

And I can’t thank Honda or my Honda Accord enough. For this reason, I will always recommend the Honda Accord and choose Hondas over any other comparable vehicle. I simply cannot imagine trusting my safety and my family’s safety to anyone else.

News Reporter