“The all-new Honda Insight is now in dealer showrooms, presenting consumers a new idea for what a fuel-efficient compact sedan can be. The Insight exemplifies our idea that a modern electrified vehicle must be desirable in its own right, and judging by the reaction, Insight seems to be striking the right balance of styling and proportion, refined driving dynamics and high-tech, premium appointed interior design.

The Insight, Accord Hybrid and Clarity series also represent critical steps toward our electrified future, building understanding and acceptance and demonstrating that electrified vehicles don’t have to mean compromising style, performance or utility.

Moreover, the new Insight is assembled in Indiana with its hybrid powertrain components coming from three Honda plants in Ohio – helping prepare our manufacturing operations for a not-too-distant future when most of our core models will offer electrified powertrains.

If Insight is any indication, and we’d say it very much is, that future looks pretty good.”

Sage Marie
Assistant Vice President, Public Relations
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

News Reporter