Honda Publishes Improved Consumer Website

American Honda has published a new and improved consumer-facing powersports website. Accessible at the familiar URL (, the site boasts a number of enhancements.

The most noticeable characteristic is a fresh, modern look, with a responsive format optimized to deliver the same great experience across devices—desktops, smartphones and tablets. In addition, the website features a new platform that provides improved website performance, including faster page-load speeds, and it is based on a Sitecore content-management system that allows timely updates.

In addition, the new website encourages user interactivity, as customers can now more easily connect with the Honda brand and Honda dealers. For example, the structure allows for a more optimized search-engine functionality, and the new interface makes it simpler for customers to complete their research activities, thanks to streamlined processes for considering model options and requesting a quote. Signing up for email newsletters is now easier as well.

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